I was honored to be the FIRST Featured Blogger to be interviewed by The Blog Bar, a blogging website putting bloggers in touch with others in their community to inspire and network with one another.

“BB: Any advice you’d give to people contemplating starting a blog?”

“KL: Be committed to it, even when it feels like a chore, and make sure it’s about something you absolutely love, or else you won’t want to keep up with it. Make it your baby.”

In the interview, I was able to talk about how I created Hamptons to Hollywood, all the work I put into it, and was even given the chance to spout off some words of wisdom and encouragement to bloggers looking to get their own blogs off the ground!

A big thanks goes out to Julie Reif and the whole team at The Blog Bar – if you’re an aspiring blogger, or just want to find a great community of other like-minded writers, sign up for an account in their online community!



Founder & Creator of Hamptons to Hollywood, lifestyle blogger, entertainer, and all-around lover of life.

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