As always, I’m constantly on the lookout for up-and-coming film projects that are exciting to me and that I think could really make a statement, both socially and artistically. After trolling Kickstarter, I found this AMAZING new project that has loads of potential to be an amazing modern day fairytale of which all generations can relate.

The short, Between Shifts, is about a diner waitress who experiences a “Cinderella-like” transformation between her lunch and dinner shifts. What’s so interesting and beautiful about the concept of the story is that it’s highlighting the magic in our everyday lives. Magic is everywhere; sometimes we’re just so consumed with stress, the day-to-day grind, and what’s coming next that we forget to look for the magic that exists all around us.

Additionally, the film is being created by a crack-team of female filmmakers; the director, writer, producer, and star are all very talented ladies who are striving to create something exceptional, beautiful, and entertaining. AND it’s already receiving GREAT ATTENTION! The filmmakers just recorded an interview with the popular radio program, The Kind Voice. Listen to it HERE!

I’m so excited to see this particular project get off the ground! Being a sucker for a good fairytale – and don’t deny it, guys, we all love ’em – I have confidence and feel excited that this one will far succeed expectations and make a huge splash on the festival circuit.

The good news is that the film’s goal is already halfway met and there are still 18 days to support it! I encourage everyone to check out the video of these star ladies and the movie’s Kickstarter page for all the exciting information and perks that come from being a supporter.

And remember, take some time to find the magic in your life 🙂


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