The most hotly debated, love-it-or-hate-it holiday is nearly upon us – Valentine’s Day. Either you love or hate this one, but despite your feelings about it, it’s undeniable that roses are synonymous with the day. So what do they say about YOU?

Maybe roses are your favorite flower? If you like receiving them on special days, there’s a few things that a rose can illustrate about your personality…

1. You Are A Face Among Many, But Blossom On Your Own:
Roses are grown on shrubs – even the word “shrub” just kinda seems, well, blah. Not very sexy. However, when roses are removed from their shrubs, their true beauty can be appreciated. Long, slender stems, lovely layers of petals – what’s not to love when you have a single rose all to yourself?

2. You’re Beautiful:
“Oh, stop!” you must be saying to yourself with a sly smile. But it’s true. Whether or not you love the smell of roses, their true beauty cannot be denied – which is why it’s most closely associated with the day of LOVE. 

3. You’re a Contradiction:
The ficklest things about roses are those damn thorns running along the stem. Sure you’re beautiful, but maybe you have a dark side? Maybe you’re completely spontaneous and fun, but also indecisive? Whatever your contradiction is, it’s clear you have one. Or maybe you use your thorns to weed out the those unworthy suitors clamoring all over you until you find the one most deserving of all your magnificent assets?

4. You’re Complicated:
One thing roses share with onions (sounds weird, but go with me), are layers. Their overlapping and interwoven petals billow out from the center to create the flower’s trademark look. If you love roses, there’s a good chance you have layers too. You’re multifaceted, and even though you’re easy on the eyes, there’s more to you underneath the surface than what people can see. And let’s face, it’s way better to be absolutely complicated – even when it’s confusing to everyone including yourself – than to be an absolute bore.

5. You’re Confident….And Probably Smell Great:
I mean, this is a given, but you take pride in your appearance and don’t waste time on anyone who doesn’t appreciate you for you.

6. You’re Versatile:
Roses are used in perfumes, the hips are used in medicines, and even in food and drinks! Face it, rose lover, you’re a Jack/Jane of all trades! You can wear many hats and are good at most everything you try. And the best part is, you do it in style, making every new adventure you embark on seem effortless.

A great new spot to get your roses this year is PassionRoses – a gorgeous farm located in the sunny mountains outside Bogota, Colombia, sends fresh, organically raised roses to your door! More info on their site! And because I’m a swell guy, use code: LOVE4YOU for a discount on your order!


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  1. What if you like odd colored roses? I love the spotted /bi-color ones, and the purple ones… Either way, you can never go wrong with a nice bunch.

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