What’s the first thing I do when I hop into my car? Pop a mint into my mouth. Whether we’re going out for a night on the Sunset Strip or Hamptons dinner party, fresh breath is always a must. My newest minty trend? Vitalize Mints.

If you’re living the Hamptons to Hollywood lifestyle, being active is part of your itinerary. Vitalize Mints cater to that lifestyle. The sweet, little buggers also are jam packed with electrolytes, B12, and Vitamin C, so they restore and replenish your body too. Pop a mint before heading to the Maidstone Club for a morning of golf or tennis session, then pop one on the way home to give some nutrients back to your body.

Fresh breath and nutritious? What could be better?

What’s even more fun is all the great flavors Vitalize Mints offers. My favorites are the Assorted Mints – which gives a little sampling of spearmint and peppermint, and the Watermelon for when my sweet tooth is beckoning.

Try them all out today and see which is your favorite summertime treat.

Hamptons to Hollywood - Vitalize Mints


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