When it comes to food, I know a thing or two. I was raised eating only the best dishes, so whenever I go to restaurants, I’m always critical. But The Social List, Long Beach’s recently opened eatery, gave me no reason to be a critic – everything was THAT GOOD.

Run by a brother and sister duo from the same family that owns Lola’s, the Mexican restaurant just a few blocks away, there was an instantaneous charm that washed over me as I stepped inside The Social List that only a family-run restaurant can exude; calm and relaxing, but with tons of charisma. Our server, Phillip, couldn’t possibly have been nicer and was so knowledgeable about the menu, he left no stone unturned. In fact, he suggested the BEST dishes to dine on for my culinary adventure…

First he brought out the Heirloom Burrata, so I was already sold. If you’re not familiar with burrata cheese, stop reading immediately and go to your nearest cheese-dealer and demand a ball of it. It’s the softest, creamiest mozzarella-ish cheese available and honestly just melts in your mouth like whipped cream, but doesn’t skip on any cheesy flavor. Served over a bed or arugula (yum) with tomato, a balsamic reduction, and ALMOND PESTO to boot, I nearly lost my mind. It was the perfect salad starter. And holy moly, that ALMOND PESTO that was made IN HOUSE…
Then, came out the best “toast” I’ve ever eaten, smeared perfectly with butternut squash, goat cheese, apricot, chives and prosciutto. The best thing about the food was that EVERYTHING was fresh – you could tell by the richness of the flavors – and made in house. 
And then came the onslaught of gourmet goodness…
Out of nowhere, like we were being fired at by chefs with amazingly delicious cannons full of cuisine, came the Croquetas de Jamon (Serrano Ham and Chicken dumplings drizzled with Spanish aioli), Patatas Bravas (Crispy fried Kennebec potatoes tossed in spicy bravas sauce & topped with garlic aioli), and Better Than Your Mama’s Meatballs (slow braised Pork & Veal gems in a light tomato sauce). HOLY CRAP, you guys. Just wow.
The croquettes were on another level – just crispy enough on the outside and soft and creamy on the inside, they were the PERFECT snack. And because I am a firm believer that aioli in general should be a food group, I was in heaven. Savory and delicious. Plus, they were so cute. {Pictured below}
Heirloom Burrata
These potatoes, again with the aioli, were magnetic – and I say magnetic because they became permanently affixed to my mouth like a magnet to a Frigidaire. I couldn’t even stop. I just could not.
The meatballs were fuhgeddaboutit. My family is Italian. I spent hours watching my Nonie, trained by Italy’s finest, slave away making meatballs for Sunday dinners. I know what makes a good meatball.
Guys. These are some good freaking meatballs. And yes, you may quote me on that.

As if the situation couldn’t get more delectable, Phillip brought out the most popular dessert at The Social List – caramel butterscotch pudding topped with handmade whipped cream & a sprig o’ mint. Though I was stuffed to the brim, you’re joking if you think I’d ever say no to a dessert that looked as good as this little baby. And trust me, it was the perfect way to end the meal.

The eatery also boasts a pretty special happy hour with only $6 glasses of wine and a $4 beer of the week, so no matter what you like to drink, they have something for you. Perfect for a date night, the plates are big enough portions to share as you attempt to take yourself on the culinary journey I embarked on.
Located at 2105 E. 4th St., The Social List is located right on the main 4th Street drag and close to the Art Theater. Make your reservations now and tell ’em Kyle sent ya! 
(562) 433-5478


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    I’m so proud to say my daughter Aubrey Neuman is the executive check that created these items. Good eats

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