As avid cooks, the Hamptons to Hollywood crew and The Champagne Society is always looking for new ways to spice up our food. We’re big fans of meal-prepping, but honestly, eating the same thing for seven days straight without any variety is kind of like, well…okay, it’s hell-ish. MAKE THE MONOTONY STOP.

Well, we did. Kinda.

Sweeping the nation are companies that make the stress of leaving your house a non-issue. RawSpiceBar is one such company. They’ve been on our radar for a while, but basically, they deliver different spices to your doorstep in an effort to culture you and your fam on the many different seasonings this big ‘ol beauteous world has to offer. Hamptons to Hollywood had the chance to try a few of their signature spices and let’s the say that the convenience of it all was totally worth it. In our first shipment we received Chaat Masala and Peppercorn Thai Spices.

So, you’re probably thinking, “I nabbed all these exotic spices and now I don’t know WTF to make with them”, right? Well RawSpiceBar has you covered. They provide a slew of recipes for each spice on their website, and each packet also has suggestions of what to sprinkle the spices on (eggs, poultry, steak, sweet treats, you get the idea).

Another bonus? It’s SUPER affordable. Like, college student affordable. Check out their flavors, pricing, and more on their website.

Get creative! Cook something spicy and flavorful for a hot date at home, or invite the family over for a delectable feast and say you concocted it with “your secret ingredient”. Have fun. And don’t forget: Stay Curious, Live Luxurious.

Hamptons to Hollywood - Raw Spice Bar


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  1. As you leave for the East I shall enjoy the West. See you in the air…

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