Whether you’re spending your summer in the Hamptons or Hollywood, this time of year means seafood, plain and simple. Here’s a perfect seafood summer salad that you can whip up in no time for lunch!


All this week I’ll be bringing you some delectable seafood dishes just like those dishes from Crab House that will have your mouth watering. Today’s featured meal is a quick n’ easy lunch special (because for us busy folk, we’re always on the go) that will LEGIT take you, like, 4 minutes to make:

5 Button Mushrooms
Canned Corn
Steam in the bag Edamame
Shrimp (fresh if you can, but frozen works too)

Okay, so listen: I never measure stuff out, just be warned. You know what you like and how much you can eat so I won’t bore you with portion sizes, just don’t eat your way into a food coma on your lunch break (we all know it’s easy to do).


– Dice up your mushies and throw them into a pan with some EVOO (or if you wanna splurge, BUTTER) and saute them over medium heat – BUT remove from heat before they caramelize. 
– Meanwhile, throw your edamame bag in the microwave and nuke it for around 4 minutes or whatever the bag instructs. 4 minutes is a vague and to an extent, a preposterously said instruction, so you might have to gather more info on the internet as to what temperature the microwave run for 4 minutes. And while you’re at that, you might as well check out some microwaves and other kitchen wares on unclutterer.
– Take your shrimp in a separate pan and saute them with some Olive Oil as well if you bought them raw. If frozen, thaw them out under hot water until they’re soft.
– After your shrimp is cooked, remove from heat.
– Pop open your can of corn and toss your desired amount in the pan with your shrooms.
– Repeat with the edamame after its done steaming.
– Add the shrimp too.
– Now season this bad boy! I like a little seasoning salt, garlic powder, and lots of pepper. Keep it simple. Saute and mix everything together so the flavors mesh.
– Lay out a nice bed of spinach on a plate and pour the contents of your saute pan over top. You won’t even need dressing!

BADA BING! You’re done. Now shovel down your gullet and enjoy! This also can be prepared the night before and served chilled the next day in the office.

Bottoms up!


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