Day 2 of Hamptons to Hollywood Seafood Week continues! Today’s menu; an impromptu recipe I’m calling Rockfish Bruschetta. Can you say Top Chef, anyone? Anyone?? 

Click the pic to get the recipe!

I strutted (well actually hobbled, thanks to my foot injury – which will have me boot-bound and crutched for the next MONTH…don’t get me started) into Ralph’s and headed straight for the seafood department. After picking up a fresh filet of this local gem, I took it home, greased a pan, and got to work.

1 filet of Rockfish
3/4 cup of cherry tomatoes
Seasoning Salt
Cracked Black Pepper
Olive Oil

Okay, this is really simple so if you screw it up don’t look for any pity, people.

– Drizzle the olive oil into your pan and turn the heat on low.
– Unwrap your filet and sprinkle your pepper, salt, and basil (dried or finely chopped) on one side.
– Put the seasoned side of the fish into the heated pan and repeat on the opposite side so both sides are coated in seasoned goodness.
– Then dice up your tomatoes in whatever size you desire, add your basil (fresh works best) and mix together in a separate bowl.
– When the fish is nearly done cooking, add your tomato and basil mixture into the pan for a split second, just enough for the tomatoes to warm, but not, you know, like, melt.
– Serve with some steamed broccoli and BAM – you’re golden.


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