Today is practically a holiday because it is National Doughnut Day. Today is the occasion each year when chubby-chasers can unite and search for their latest crush in doughnut shoppes nationwide.

But which doughnut shoppe is best? Well, according to us, in Los Angeles, it is SK’s Donuts, located on 3rd Street, just east of The Grove. Pictured above, you’ll say our personal favorite, the Strawberry Nutella “Skronut”. If you’re back East, the most famous doughnut stop is Dreesen’s located in East Hampton.

Which is YOUR favorite doughnut shoppe in your area?

PS – How do YOU spell “doughnut”? We like it with the “gh” because it seems fancier, but y’know, that’s just us.


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  1. This is pretty much a perfect post from top to bottom. You can never go wrong with donuts, period. I celebrated National Donut Day with a last minute run to Dunkin Donuts… followed by a trip to Popeyes. It’s a horrible fail at life today, but I can start fresh tomorrow 😉

    • hamptonstohollywood

      Thanks so much, Dove! 🙂

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