We’ll be honest, March was a light month on the stomach, but not the liver. Though eating wasn’t a priority (let’s blame it on Lent, shall we?), we did try some delicious cocktails that kept us more than satiated. Instead of highlighting a specific restaurant for the month, we’re going to take you inside a bar instead, Champagne Society. After all, we know you won’t mind…

Harlowe is a wonderfully interesting establishment in West Hollywood, located conveniently on Santa Monica Boulevard. Behind the ivy-covered exterior, the inside brings an aura of warm nostalgia, calling back to a time of Hollywood’s golden age, where men dressed in top hats, women in white gloves, and club-goers really knew how to live with reckless abandon. Sound familiar? We knew we liked this place.

The tastefully ambitious design of the bar transports you to the days of yore where you can relax with friends and try a smattering of delicious cocktails.

Perhaps the most famous? Harlowe’s Moscow Mule. Perfectly sweet, and stronger than it seems, you’ll definitely feel the effects of this gem once you stand up from your barstool. Think of it as a grown-up ginger beer float without the fattening ice-cream 🙂

The Hot For Teacher is also a must-try. Any cocktail that uses the ingredient “firewater” is enough to pique our interest and say hello to our tastebuds. Made with mezcal and sweetened by honey and pineapple, this concoction truly ignites the palate, sending it on a rollercoaster of sweet and savory.

And last but not least, the Aye Poppy. Nothing can be more classically cool than ordering a gin martini, right? Think the OG James Bond. And while many of us will never be suave and sexy super spies, this drink makes us feel like maaayybe we could, even if it’s just for a happy hour. Botanical gin, housemade strawberry basil syrup, and topped with an egg white, this potion is perhaps the most delicious and refreshing for the impending summer weather.

Harlowe also offers Happy Hour from 5pm until 8pm every day, with an assortment of delicious snacks to feast on as well. Take a trip back through time to one of West Hollywood’s coolest hotspots.

7321 Santa Monica Blvd
West Hollywood, CA 90046


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