Drop anchor, hop in your dinghy, cruise the short distance from your yacht to the beach, only to find one of Montauk’s BEST restaurants, perched serenely on Navy Road. Navy Beach is the perfect Hamptons to Hollywood restaurant because it exudes everything we stand for; casual luxury that is fun and not too stuffy. While the cuisine at Navy Beach is the finest gourmet fare, patrons dine barefoot, toes in the sand, sipping chic rosé surrounded by friends. I mean, could it get more perfect?

Ambiance aside, here’s what we recommend to nosh on as soon as you take your seat:

Order the Montauk Fluke Ceviche to start. Montauk is known for this particular fish and for good reason. Light, flaky, supremely fresh, and mild, it entertains the palettes of even the most discerning eater, turning those I-don’t-like-seafood-types into fans. The pickled vegetables and lemon make for a delicious finish.

Let’s talk crab cakes. Though we aren’t in Maryland, Navy Beach puts a totally new spin on the Chesapeake favorite. With cabbage slaw, chervil, and horseradish creole mustard (yes, we went there), you’ll be dying over this starter. The amalgamation of flavors combust on your tongue to create the perfect small bite.

Now that we’re moving on to entrées, have you ever heard of Catalan Suquet? Navy Beach is here to educate you. Essentially a seafood stew of sorts, this dish encompasses a tasting of cod, squid, mussels, and clams whilst incorporating earthy saffron notes and the nuttiness of the almonds that are also included. Truly a unique, European-inspired plate, it offers heartiness and comfort without adding two sizes to your waistline. And trust us, it’s to die for.

If you know us, you know we have a soft spot for scallops. Flavorful, juicy, cooked to perfection – and they’re pretty! – what’s not to love? Navy Beach’s scallops are indeed delish, and offer a new take on the seafood with a South-of-the-Border flair. Served with chorizo, which is a pork sausage popular in Spain, the dish also features double-smoked bacon and the zest of piquillo peppers, finished with a light tomato sauce. It’s a whole new way to eat scallops, but we say that eating is all about experimenting. And trying new food always makes you more worldly and cultured – which is part of the Hamptons to Hollywood credo. You guys are going to die for this plate, TRUST.

As soon as dinner is finished, frolick down to the beach and dip your toes in the water. If you’re on a date, a moonlight walk down the coastline is the perfect dessert. At Navy Beach, you’ll fall in love with the ambiance of the restaurant almost as passionately as you do with the cuisine. Happy Summer, everyone 🙂

Hamptons to Hollywood - Navy Beach

Hamptons to Hollywood - Navy Beach

Hamptons to Hollywood - Navy Beach


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