In my last post, when I said “mixed feelings” about the Healthy Foundation Reset ending, I meant that its termination was bittersweet. Of course I wanted to eat a piece of dark chocolate again, but I was also going to miss the convenience of eating the soups, my overall good mood (I definitely was experiencing less mood swings), and the peace of mind of knowing that I was doing something truly beneficial for my body.

7:12 AM
I awoke to a rainy morning and enjoyed my last Energize Soup (RIP) and my last Energy Tea (also RIP) while I sat in bed blogging. Noticing that I only had two more soups left in my fridge reminded me of the feeling you get when you cross everything off of your To Do List, only instead of feeling accomplished, I was also feeling a little nostalgic.

11:30 AM
After a hike at Runyon Canyon, I warmed up my last Robust Soup and my cup of Relax Tea. When I went in the bathroom to brush my teeth after the meal, I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and could see a smile manifest itself across my face. My skin actually was looking really good. I usually moisturize with coconut oil and a facial moisturizer, but noticed that my skin was looking healthy and pink, and smoother than normal. It was all working out.

6:15 PM
My last soup! I couldn’t believe it. Throughout the day I had been replenishing with water, but opted against supplementing my soups with my normal heartier lunch. I wanted the last day to be 100% liquid. Despite being at a Superbowl Party where everyone was eating guacamole and other little tidbits of deliciousness, I stayed true to the cleanse and hung out with my friends just like normal.

As I crawled into bed that night, I felt a real sense of accomplishment. I had stuck to something, 100%, for a full week. It took discipline, willpower, and wasn’t without some sacrifice, but was so happy I did it. What was more, my late night cravings were slowly starting to fall by the wayside as well.

I knew I wouldn’t stay on the cleanse forever, but the Healthy Foundation Reset did provide some subconscious lifestyle benefits as well, knowing that I could eat less food per day and still feel satisfied, and cutting sugars and processed foods out of my diet had beneficial changes to my body, both inside and out. I was nothing but pleased with the cleanse and encourage everyone, from the Hamptons to Hollywood, to partake.

Find out all the info on Soupure’s website.

Happy Souping!


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