7:30 AM
My eyes snapped open and I jolted up in my bed dripping in a cold sweat (<< exaggeration) reeling from the strangest dream I just had. Pop Tarts. That’s right, Pop Tarts. They were just floating everywhere in some nondescript grey-blue landscape, taunting me with their processed sugary goodness. The S’mores flavor, specifically.

New Low: My carnal desire for sweets had manifested itself into my subconscious and I was dreaming about junk food.

On another note, I was starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I only had two days left! I drank both my Energize Soup and Energy Tea in the comfort of my bed (what’s up, Saturday), tuning into Drew Barrymore’s latest Netflix comedy, Santa Clarita Diet, totally empathizing with her new diet (albeit hers was more gruesome than mine, but a lifestyle shift nonetheless). It was my best Netflix and Chill moment to date.

9:00 AM
Banged out a killer arm workout, even though fearing I wouldn’t have enough energy due to my liquid morning, but I powered it out better than I imagined.

11:35 AM
Lunch time! Maybe this was premature, but I just really wanted to taste my new lunchtime soup for the next two days. Robust Soup, a hot kale and minestrone blend was good. It was heartier than anything I had eaten since the cleanse began, which I believe was Soupure’s way of trying to slowly introduce whole foods into my diet again. My greatest fear was that I would take a bite out of a cheeseburger in the coming week and just have an obnoxiously explosive bowel movement that would completely disrupt my day. Thanks to the Robust Soup, my mind was put more at ease.

4:45 PM
I had something of an early dinner, because I was hungry, and kind of stressed out about it a bit because I thought for sure I’d have cravings as the night wore on, but surprisingly, I didn’t. I was staying satiated as the evening hours wore on, thanks in part to my Sleep Tea as well, and was thrilled about it. They say you shouldn’t eat late at night, and I felt that the Healthy Foundation Reset was helping me get to that place.

All in all, though I was dreaming about sweets, the soup had become part of my life now. It wasn’t a bad day, nor a particularly good one, it was just normal. My routine was a basically liquid diet and my body was coming to terms with it. Also, I was having mixed feelings about my final day…

Day 6 Overall Feeling: 6/10


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