6:00 AM
My Energize Soup was becoming a welcome way to jump start my day, and I have to admit, the teas were really helping in this cleanse. They were the perfect complement to the soups and maybe it was just me, but I believe they were aiding in curbing my hunger.

12:15 PM
Over my last serving of Restore Soup, I started to get philosophical, wondering what kind of effects I had seen from the Healthy Foundation Reset so far. Okay, first of all, I was really starting to grasp the fact, which kind of scared me in a way, that Americans eat WAY too much food in their daily diets. I had significantly cut down on what I was eating, was replacing snacking with liquids (be it broth or water), and was still having energy and was keeping up with my morning workouts. Imagine if the general populous cut down their daily food intake in a similar way what could happen?

6:25 PM
This day was a busy one, and I really got to understand and love the whole “Souping-on-the-Go” aspect about Soupure. From doing a photoshoot for Hamptons to Hollywood, running to a meeting, to jetting off to a friend’s house for a game night, I was able to do everything with ease, because the soups are so portable. Granted, I was THAT GUY who entered my friend’s apartment with a jar of Protect Soup while everyone else was stuffing themselves with Hawaiian pizza, Stella Artois, and nachos, but it kind of secretly made me feel confident that I had the self control to stick to my diet and not indulge in normal Friday evening greasiness.

I poured the soup in a bowl, warmed in the microwave, and spooned it into my mouth and enjoyed the company of my buddies. Plus, I was able to tell them all about the cleanse, which some were very interested in. New cleanse? It is LA after all, and they were eager to check out more from Soupure.

Day 5 Overall Feeling: 7/10


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