5:50 AM
Was the soup cleanse sneakily making me rise earlier each morning? I wasn’t sure, but even as I merely lied in bed Instagramming, I felt all the more productive for it. I woke up to second day of Energize Soup and Energy Tea, because apparently I’m supposed to feel energetic during the middle of the cleanse, and was actually feeling pretty good. Though it reportedly takes 21 days to make a habit, I kind of was getting used to my soupy breakfast.

I warmed half of the Savory Broth because I had a lunch meeting that I knew might run late, so wanted to be prepared early. I liked this broth a lot more than the Miso one; it left me warmed and feeling cozy.

12:00 PM
For my lunch I dined on steamed green beans and Seabass, which were both good, and a welcome departure from my usual chicken and spinach. I was tempted to try some coffee, but after consulting with the Soupure Team, decided against it as coffee is very acidic.

1:30 PM
I got back into the groove of the Restore Soup, albeit begrudgingly as I’ve already described my lukewarm attitude toward sweet potatoes. However, I have to say, because having everything prepared ahead of time and labeled for each day makes the cleanse so easy – I never had to think about “what I was going to eat for lunch” – I ate the Restore Soup because it was so readily available, which in turn, made me complain a little less. The Healthy Foundation Reset is SO EASY to do, there’s no excuse why everyone shouldn’t be trying it.

7:00 PM
I hit up my old friend, Protect Soup, who I think was happy to see me as well, and I enjoyed over reruns of “Gossip Girl” on Netflix (don’t you dare judge me).

After my fourth dinner, I have to admit that souping was totally becoming part of my routine. This was my life now. And while I still had the most outrageous craving for peanut butter stuffed pretzels, I also came to appreciate the notion of eating for fuel, and not for fun, which I believe is the key to having a healthy relationship with food.

Day 4 Overall Feeling: 8


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