Tuesday 1.31.2017

6:00 AM

Let’s just say that today was WAYYY better than Monday. I woke up earlier, felt more refreshed, and ready to take on the day (probably due to the fact that I slept for 10.5 hours, but whatever). And listen, I know this sounds crazy, or maybe even cheesy, but I actually woke up excited to drink my Superhero Soup and Energy Tea. It was like that same feeling you used to get when your Mom bought your favorite cereal at the grocery store and you woke up extra early just so you could eat it as soon as you could…or was that just me?

11:30 AM
I was feeling pretty peckish, despite hydrating with lots and lots of water, so warmed up one of the optional broths that Soupure provides in the Healthy Foundation Reset package. The Miso Broth was warm, soothing, and satiating – basically miso soup without the gnarly tofu.

1:00 PM
Another day on the Heal Soup and Relax Tea, which were both delish, and I supplemented with my signature chicken breast and spinach again. I made a rule for myself that I would only eat solid foods between the hours of 11 AM and 4 PM; everything else would be soup or tea.

3:30 PM
This time of the day had me feeling a little antsy, so I grabbed a couple spoonfuls of almond butter and dipped raw carrot chips in them as a makeshift dip. And, since this cleanse will roll over into Superbowl Sunday and I will be unable to indulge in any fun dips (buffalo chicken, taco, spinach & artichoke), I needed to get my fix of dips when I could.

7:00 PM
I warmed my final Rebuild Soup, sorry to see it go, along with my Sleep Tea – a mixture of lavender, valerian, and dandelion root – and made a side of organic chicken broth (sourced from Ralph’s) for some real soup on soup action. I watched a little movie, happy with myself, and hit the sack around 10pm, feeling content.

Day 2 Overall Feeling: 9


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