When summertime hits in the Hamptons and Hollywood, healthy eating isn’t just encouraged, it’s expected. Call us crazy, but a bowl of pasta just doesn’t sound as appetizing when it’s 90 degrees outside and you have to show your “beach bod” the entire next day. So what happens when you’re craving something sweet? Go Greek is our favorite way to indulge healthily.

With eateries all over Southern California, Go Greek is a yogurt stop that we’re newly obsessed with because it not only features self-serve froyo in its most popular form with all the fixings, but it also offers an exciting menu of fresh, made-to-order yogurt dishes that SERIOUSLY hit the spot. With both sweet and savory options (and no we won’t judge you if you order both, one right after the other), you can have a well-balanced lunch, or snack when you’re on the go.

Another plus? Each store is decorated so authentically Grecian, your Instagram photo-ops will make all your friends think you’ve blown to the Blue Zone. I mean, it’s pretty much as close to Mykonos as we’re getting this summer…and we’re kind of okay with that.

Let us know which flavor you like best!

Hamptons to Hollywood Goes Greek

Hamptons to Hollywood Goes Greek

Hamptons to Hollywood Goes Greek


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