Amidst the iconic celebrity names etched into the sidewalk of Hollywood Boulevard rests a brand new eatery called, Soul Hollywood; a restaurant that brings a southern flair to the Walk of Fame. The cuisine embraces the flavors of the South, while combining them with contemporary elements for a seasonal and fresh approach.

We had the chance to sample their February menu and were impressed by the menu selections, and especially the ambiance. If you’re looking for southern hospitality in the heart of Los Angeles, look no further. The interiors were particularly on brand for Hamptons to Hollywood – refined and stylish, yet casual and warm, providing a touch of Hollywood glamour but with the intimacy of an inviting dinner party at a friend’s home. For catering services for a party, grazing boxes need to be checked out!

So what to eat? Here are our top picks:

French 75 Twist – this beautiful beverage was comprised of Ford’s gin, honey syrup, lemon juice, kiwi, cucumber, and champagne (#ChampagneSociety). The other delectable choice we suggest is a cocktail made with vodka and rosemary; albeit a little more savory than the aforementioned French 75 Twist, it was full of flavor and can easily complement any of the dishes you might be considering to order.

Small Bites:
The Oysters are a definite must-have. Champagne mignonette oysters served with a powerful house cocktail sauce, available in the dozen or half dozen. It’s the perfect set-up for a culinary journey into the bayou.

Okay, there’s a lot to choose from, because every dish sounds so authentically southern, but our top two picks are the Wild Salmon Filet and Pan Seared Hanger Steak. IF we had a third choice, (and subsequently a third stomach) the Deep Dish Pot Pie would have made the cut. We’ll save that for our next visit.

The Salmon is actually perfectly cooked; crispy around the edges, but soft a bit more rare on the inside. The salmon skin is left on and has a perfect crunch to it, but it is also jam-packed full of seasoning and partners exceptionally well with the texture of the fish. This is a dish not to be missed, especially if you’re looking to eat something healthy to maintain a slender, Hollywood physique. The fish is served with parsnip purée and gremolata.

The Steak is also nicely prepared – Soul truly takes into consideration their patron’s desired temperature and does not mess it up upon presenting it. Also full of flavor, it’s served with cooked tomatoes, chives, and a garlic pea purée, which adds a nice splash of color. And diners also are able to experience the house Carolina BBQ sauce.

What’s more, each menu item offers suggestions of what wine to choose to accompany your meal. Basically, Soul Hollywood takes the guesswork off your plate for a more experiential dining adventure.

While the mac-and-cheese is said to be popular, the broccolini does the job too, packing a wave of heat as well, so keep your cocktails handy. However, the Slow Braised Greens are a dish to put on your To-Try list: smoked turkey hock, Dino kale, collard greens, onion, dandelion, and chili fakes? SIGN. US. UP.

Soul Hollywood is cozy and chic and is the perfect place to dine in February, specifically. While LA makes up its mind of whether it’s going to be winter or summer, you can easily warm up with delicious comfort food, but also cool down with their spectacularly contemporary approach to cuisine. They also offer catering, private dining rooms for groups, solid brunch and happy hour menus, and live music on Sundays featuring local soul musicians, where you can listen and taste the best culture of the south, right on Hollywood Boulevard.

Soul Restaurant & Bar
7046 Hollywood Blvd.
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