When done right, apparently clambakes can be all the rage come summertime. After all, who doesn’t want to feast on savory cuisine after it’s been buried in sand for hours? Unfortunately clambakes are strictly an east coast endeavor – can you imagine anyone in LA starting one up? I’ll be the first, if you guys are into it. I’m thinking…Malibu…? Anyway, here are the best spots for planning your summer bake out east.

1. Bostwick’s in East Hampton is an amazing restaurant (with great chowder, obviously!) and they do clambake catering! Only in the Hamptons…
I would highly suggest using them for your summer party. Get their full menu and catering deets HERE – and ask for Caitlin!

2. Navy Beach apparently does an excellent bake as well, and since it’s right on the sand, it seems like the PERFECT locale, am I right? Hailed as one of the freshest ( and as one of my favorite restaurants) they’re gearing up for their 5th annual bake, so be sure to check it out HERE!

3. In business since 1981, East End Clambakes by Captain Phil Gay serves up one of the best catered clambakes in the Hamptons. Based on Southampton, he knows the proper techniques of cooking everything separately to bring out the true flavors of the dishes. Yum!

So for those of us who will be planted in Cali for a portion of summer ’14 – I say we start our own clambake. Everyone loves a little east coast flavor, no matter where you are. You guys bring the lobster, I’ll bring the shovels. It’s a date!



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