Wanna know what I’ve been having for breakfast for the past few weeks? PUDDING.

Easy, easy, Champagne Society, I’m not talking Jello Pudding Packs – summer is coming, duh. I’m talking a super healthy alternative that you should all start eating to whip yourself into bathing suit shape.

The recipe is simple and oh-so customizable. Have it as a breakfast entree (chia is a superfood, so, ya know, HEALTH) or as a fun snack. Either way, it’s super satiating to keep you full until your next meal.

Chia Seeds
Almond Milk
Your Favorite Fruit (toppings)

Get To Work:
– Pour chia seeds into a bowl and mix with Almond Milk. The quantity depends on how thick you’d like your pudding. The chia seeds will expand when they’re wet, soften, and be the perfect consistency to eat.
– Mix chia and milk well.
– Top with your favorite fruit (or for a more savory flavor, try with coconut shavings or nuts).



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