Last night, melodic songstress, Victoria Noyes, entertained guests at Bel Air hotspot, Vibrato Grill, Jazz, Etc., where she performed a slew of classic and modern songs with her own personal touch.

Victoria – Tori, to her friends – is a Chicago native and praised singer-songwriter who has performed at top LA establishments, like The Sayers Club, and opened for Hollywood heavyweights, Joe Jonas and Kane Holler. You might have heard her belting out tunes if you’re a frequent Pottery Barn shopper; she wrote an original score, lyrics, and sang on a new song that the retailer bought and played in stores across the United States. Additionally, she has an EP that will be released this August.

Until August though, Tori sings at Vibrato, like she did last night, where she raises lounge singing to a whole new level. Once she took the stage, everyone went nearly silent, and once she began singing the first notes of the first song, the entire restaurant was locked onto her mesmerizing vocals. Her voice, just as powerful as she is beautiful, had a rhythmic cadence that was full of control, hitting every note just the way it was meant to sound.

What was even more impressive about Tori was her style. In an era where autotune and synthesizers run rampant and are often used in the final product of any hit song you might find on the radio, Tori is 100% authentic. Somehow she manages to be sultry, but soothing, almost as if every word she utters originated from a sexy lullaby. In short, her voice makes you feel something, a talent that evokes nostalgia, which is hard to come by in 2017.

Among her set list for evening, Noah Jones’ “Don’t Know Why” was featured, which was an excellent choice for her deeper voice, as well as “Can’t Help Falling In Love”. But the song she completely KILLED, was Etta James’ “At Last”. Seriously. Her rendition of the classic sent chills down our spine. She sang with confidence, poise, and inserted funny anecdotes between her songs to keep the audience entertained.

Check out more of her music HERE and stay in touch with Vibrato to see the next time you can catch Tori singing.


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