A la Urban Dictionary…

(n) an event occuring upon the consumption of some incredibly tasty food. Usually contains many random vocal noises including, but not limited to: moans, sighs, screams of joy, etc.
also, random facial expressions may be included.
i.e.: “Dude, that homemade cake gave me a HUGE foodgasm!”

If you haven’t ever experienced this feeling of euphoria,
a) shame on you
b) I have the perfect way to remedy that issue.

Enter LA Magazine’s Taste of the World event – a blissful experience blending international cuisine from Southern California’s finest chefs.

AND – because I love you readers so much – I’m offering a discount on tickets to the event! Grab your tickets HERE and use the promo code H2H.

The festivities kick off on September 27th, so there’s still plenty of time to grab your spot for this highly coveted soiree. DJ D-dub will be performing live and each guest will be entered to win amazing travel getaway prizes, including some luxury hotel stays.

Find out more details HERE and make sure to grab a copy of the latest LA Magazine to for the best travel tips!

Hamptons to Hollywood - Taste of the World


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