What better place to spend the Fourth of July than in the city that declared America’s independence? PHILLY BABY.


If we’re being honest, my plan to spend America’s birthday in its inaugural city was kind of a mistake – but I have friends in the city and due to its proximity, it was the perfect choice. My new friend Jared was an awesome host and showed me the BEST time. 

Apparently rooftop parties are the hot thing to do when day drinking in Philly because: 1) why the heck not and 2) if I were lucky enough to have a roof to party on, I’d be up there constantly. You know me, just embracing the Philadelphia lifestyle. And Speaking of lifestyle, do you know what I have missed more than life? YUENGLING. Unfortunately it’s only an East Coast beer, but I’m praying for an expansion soon because I need to introduce my West Coast friends to its deliciousness.

We started the day early in Center City at Jared’s super-cool townhouse and gradually made our way into Fairmount for another rooftop bash where I made friends with random strangers (which is a skill I wish I could put on my resume) and crushed the competition in beer pong, which I haven’t played in years. Afterward, we thought about heading to the concert on the Parkway where Nicki Minaj and Ed Sheeran were playing, but when we saw floods of people heading in the opposite direction we decided to abort that mission. 

However, to my dismay (?) I didn’t see ONE FIREWORK. Don’t ask me how.

Things I learned:
Party on rooftops whenever possible. 
Surround yourself with amazing people.
Be more aware of my surroundings (when looking for colorful explosions in the sky).
Be happy you’re American.

Kyle Langan - Hamptons to Hollywood
Sperry’s were a common theme.
Hamptons to Hollywood - Kyle Langan
Hamptons to Hollywood - Kyle Langan
Hamptons to Hollywood - Kyle Langan
Hamptons to Hollywood - Kyle Langan


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