Last night I was cordially invited an Egg Media Mixer at the Gourmandise School in Santa Monica, where celebrity chef, Brooke Williamson, crafted an entire evening of egg dishes for us to make. Let me tell ya, it was eggggg-cellent. It egg-ceeded egg-spectations! Ok, sorry, I’m done.

Upon entering Chef Williamson’s kitchen for the evening, we were greeted by our host for the evening and were encouraged to do “egg shooters”, which were raw Safest Choice Eggs (that are healthy because they’re pasteurized) cracked into a shot glass, and, well, shot down your gullet. Because I’m always up for doing the extreme, of course I partook. Though flavorful, the consistency kinda got me. It felt like I had swallowed a big old booger.

The mucus-y taste though escaped my palette as soon as Brooke announced the menu. First up, we were making Crab Salad with a 6 minute egg, and topped with Hollandaise (pictured above). All the media pros in attendance divvied up into groups and got started chopping. Before we knew it, the 6 minute eggs were ready and we were stuffing our faces. The lightness of the salad complemented the soft egg perfectly (it really is the best amount of time to cook one), and the buttery Hollandaise tied it all together. 

Next up, was a dish that didn’t make sense to me on paper, but once I saw it come together I was hooked; Coddled Eggs. We pureed celery root and potatoes in cream, dropped the mixture into a mason jar, and topped it with an egg. Then we put the covered jar in simmering water, just enough to slightly cook the egg, and topped it with a scallion puree and salmon roe to finish it off. SALMON ROE! If you know me, you know caviar is my Achilles heel. The saltiness of the roe mixed with the comfort of the mashed potatoes and the egg…tres bien!

The third course was by far the most hearty. Farro cooked with carrot juice served as the base, then we added in a 3 hour Braised Short Rib that was “melt-in-your-mouth-delicious”, and topped the dish off with a Truffle Pecorino Soft Scrambled Egg. It that doesn’t scream breakfast of champions, I don’t know what does.

I found out that I’m very good at slicing and dicing, as my potatoes were the perfect size each time. ALSO – another untapped skill I discovered in myself is that of bartender extraordinaire. We made cocktails with All Spice liqueur, Grand Marnier, Bourbon, Galliano coffee liqueur, and what else, an EGG! Me being “thirsty”, I mixed all the alochol in my shaker before Chef pointed out that I had forgotten to add the egg. OOPS. When I did, though, and shook the ingredients again, the mixture came out in a frothy, silky cocktail that had me wanting another round.

And then, my friends, the piece de resistance – Chocolate Cookie Dough Truffles. SAY WHAT. When Brooke announced these I almost fainted. BUT, because Safest Choice eggs can be consumed raw, when you make your cookie dough with them, inherently, the dough can be eaten raw as well, which I think just saves on your energy bill because you’ll never want to bake actual cookies in the oven again. I was in charge of rolling these puppies into perfect circles and think I did a pretty swell job indeed.

The event was amazing, taught everyone in attendance a plethora of tricks about cooking, and most importantly, left us full and satisfied. You couldn’t really ask for a better night, right?

 [L to R] Kyle Langan, Chef Brooke Williamson


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