Arguably the biggest event of the Hamptons come summertime is The Hampton Classic, the East End horse show that brings celebrities, equestrians, and all those seeking a good show together in Bridgehampton. Currently the event is in full swing. Here’s what you’ve been missing…

1. Mary-Kate Olsen with Swagger
No, I’m not talking about the general ‘I-don’t-give-a-shit-bad-assness’ she exudes, Swagger is actually the name of her horse, so she automatically wins in my book. A rider for years, this Olsen looked like a pro jockey riding around the green.

2. Pony Hunters
Ready for your daily dose of cuteness? Starting today, the Pony Hunters Division of the Classic will be in full effect. Now THIS is the event that I’d be most comfortable partaking in. I told someone the reason I broke my foot was because I fell off a horse playing polo, to which the person asked how big my horse was. I panicked, having no idea about horse sizing, and blurted out, “8!”  If you want to learn more about horses, you should consider reading online articles.

A size 8, I later discovered, is the size of a baby pony…so yeah. Oops.

3. Carina Hildebrandt Showing Her Line
Friend of Hamptons to Hollywood, Carina Hildebrandt is showing her women’s wear clothing line in the garden. Check her out, along with the other Hamptons-friendly vendors showing their brands that have the last must-have looks of the summer.

4. Wolffer Rose
You all should know by now that this particular varietal of wine is my FAVORITE. Similar to the drought California is experiencing right now, I fear that the Hamptons may run out of rose, which would send Long Island into a tailspin. Go and drink, kiddos, while you still can!

5. Reality Show Love
Rumor has it a new reality show is filming at the Classic, and Hamptons to Hollywood just may have the scoop. Check back for updates, but we’ll leave you with this little tease for now…

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