Let’s recap shall we?

2011 was in short, a crazy year. I had amazing opportunities, great accomplishments, and thought more about my life than I ever have before. If possible I became more self-reflective, and dare I say existential, about life and truly seized chances that I thought would better my life path. All in all, I think this was the year I grew up the most. And I’m still figuring things out, trying to juggle my choices and weave it into a happy and successful life, but 2011 was paramount in my journey of self-discovery.

The year started off with me still job searching for that non-existent, perfect job all recent grads try to obtain. By February, nothing came into fruition, but I did shoot a short film, “The Mole”, with a great and very talented team (Hi Katie) and it premiered at The Tribeca Film Festival. Pretty cool. My first time on the silver screen.

By March I was working a temporary job in a law office or something (I repressed the details) organizing important paperwork for the company because they were moving. This is ironic, I’m aware, because my organizational skills are normally frighteningly frivolous. In early April I began working at Virtua Hospital where I met a really cool friend named Neil who really made me think a lot more about life and moving on after adolescence. He was a good pal to talk to amongst all the ambiguity I was struggling with.

In May I had my big break and had my first starring role in the yet unreleased feature film, “The Undertaker’s Son”, which should be premiering in 2012. Literally a dream come true. Read more about the drama-thriller here.

By June I was back in the Hamptons working at Inlet Seafood Restaurant, which you can read more about in my Hamptons Blog, and writing for the Guest of a Guest Hamptons website. I got to meet amazing new friends at GofG who taught me even more about the big bad world of blogging and who I shared great fun with and loved (thanks Chels and Mags). And of course, I strengthened my relationships with my friends from Inlet and my favorite Montauk buddies.

By September I was working as Mark Feuerstein’s stand-in on “Royal Pains” thanks to Juanita at Inlet and the chance meeting of one of the show’s producer’s. And finally, after coming home for the month of October and spending hours planning and deciding, I made the choice to move to Los Angeles to pursue my acting and writing. Now here I am, working at Abercrombie & Fitch and trying to “make it”. I also wrote a few articles for the GofG Los Angeles site as well.

After reviewing, I gotta say, the year was productive. But through all my busyness, there was a certain sense of doubt and uncertainty that permeated the year, making me feel not as accomplished as that brief recap did. I lived it by the seat of my pants, unsure of what the coming weeks would bring. It was fun, eye-opening, and went by way too fast. Now that another year of my twenties has vanquished, all I can do is look back fondly on the good times I had, learn from the bad ones, and dive full force into 2012 and try my damnedest to make the next year even better. Wish me luck everybody. And Happy New Year.


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