If we can refer back to a post a few months back where I was all about New Years Resolutions, I can successfully say that it’s May and I’m 3/5.  Not too shab.

There has been more going on in my life in the past few months than almost ever before.  I finally found a job back in Feb and am working full-time, which is a breath of fresh air for my wallet, but am still trekking up to Portobello’s every so often for a quick shift to gain some extra cash. 

As part of my Writer’s Group, there was a movement to write a screenplay in 1 month, and because I am amazingly dedicated and motivated (HA) (well, sometimes) I finished one.  It’s a gem in the making about a dysfunctional family whose parents die, except they all hate each other and have to divvy up their will.  So naturally, it’s a comedy.

I’m supposed to be working on the re-write as we speak, BUT since I’m having Lindsay Lohan amounts of ADHD, I’m bloggin’.  I love blogging.  I gotta remind myself to do this ish more…

Long Beach life is good and it’s finally summer ALMOST so I have to start getting my swell on (otherwise known as muscles if you’re not from South Jersey) so I can walk to the beach and cause riotous amounts of ogling.

In honor of the impending Memorial Day holiday, which induces the official summer season, I’ve put together a little LIST of the top 3 cool things to do this summer.  My one regret is that I have to spend a second summer away from my home-away-from-home, MONTAUK, which since my departure has become quite the hotspot.  From drunken nights at the Sloppy Tuna (the recently coined bar that is the “Vegas of the Hamptons”), to driving 90mph down East Lake Drive at 3am, to hanging out with Alec Baldwin, I miss the hell out of the place.  And even more so, the people.

1.  Get Your Ass To The Hamptons (aka Montauk)
I’ve never been to Vegas, which people in LA think is a travesty, but listen up Angelenos – Vegas ain’t got nothing on Montauk.  If you really want to have fun, you need to:
– Start the day surfing at Ditch
– Bloody Mary and/or Mimosa
– Daydrink til your eyes bleed/Lounge around Gin
– Grab a sushi snack at Inlet Seafood Restaurant
– Check out this new Montauk Beach House place  which is supposed to be all the rage
– Nap
– Drink
– Dinner at Hideaways
– Drink
– Straight chill (if Sunday, go to Surf Lodge and watch the sunset)
– Meet friends at the Gigshack and pre-game in each others’ Jeeps until you’re JUST past buzzed
– Barhop
– Do something you’ll regret until 4am

2.  Crash A Party/Wedding
I kinda love doing this and since summer in LA is supposed to be a hot ticket for fun pool parties, I need to sneak into a cool VIP one.  Or get an invite, which would just be bomb.  And likewise, I encourage all of you to do the same.

Summer is also about weddings.  It’s a sad but true fact that many of our friends are tying the knot these days.  And since everyone is usually happier when the weather is warmer, no one will really mind too much if you happen to stumble, uninvited, into some random person’s reception.  Do your homework – the more upscale, outdoor ones are fun for this time of year.  Just whatever you do, make sure there’s an open bar.

3.  Be Friendly
Like I just said, everyone is happier in the summer.  It’s the time to cut loose after months of freezing your butts off indoors.  The best advice I can give is to just be happy with whatever you’re doing, wherever you may be, and make the most of it – and that means surrounding yourself with good friends.  Maybe you’ve known them since you’ve been in diapers, or maybe it’s something new.  Either way, it’s more fun when you’ve got people by your side to laugh, make mistakes, and just plain enjoy yourself with.  Now go fire up the barbie and crack open a cold one.

Happy summer everybody.


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