My cell phone is broken.

I am not sure if you are aware, but a young 24 year old young man functionally properly in the 21st century without a mobile device is the equivalent to a fish living in water without gills: it is impossible. 
How did the phone break, you ask?  Well, this past weekend my aunt Alisa was married to her fiance and my new uncle, Dave, in Solana Beach.  The wedding was a blast and was an intimate gathering held in their backyard, complete with an ocean view.  On Friday though, during the rehearsal dinner where I had “broken the seal’, I retreated upstairs to my bathroom to listen to a routine voice message when my phone leaped out of my own hands and dove headfirst into the toilet.  The funny thing was, I had pulled the flusher when the phone was in mid-air, so when it landed, it was sucked down the chute.

I gasped as I watched my cell spiral down toward the sewer, positive that it would meet its untimely demise.  But as fate would have it, the resilient little guy floated back toward the surface just enough so that I could retrieve it from the bowl.  An solid blasting from the hair dryer and a bag of rice later, the phone was still powerless and I am still without a cellular device.  I have the old one still and Verizon is sending me a replacement which should arrive on Wednesday.  But I am so dependent on the thing.  Whenever I have the urge to text, or tweet something funny, I reach for the lifeless corpse of the drowned mobile and when it doesn’t light up with life, I remember.
Wednesday cannot come soon enough.

This past weekend though, was a trip.  I met a lot of great, new people and was able to visit with family, which is always a plus.  My Mom, who previously swore that Skype would be the death of her beloved iMac, finally grew a a pair and video chatted with me today.  It was the first time I had seen her face in 6 months and I instantly wanted to dart back to West Deptford for a visit.  I miss home.

My brother, who declined my command to show himself on the webcam, seems to be doing well too, and I can’t wait to put the little devil in a headlock as soon as I see him.

I think it is also is safe to announce that I have obtained a writing job, ghostwriting a dark thriller novel, which I am excited about.  So much is happening and I’m just trying to keep up.  I’ll post another update soon, the next one more in depth, I promise.


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