Because of the incessant amount of driving the city of Los Angeles is impressing upon me and my Jeep, I have developed a mild case of shin splints. You might be asking yourself how one could contract said splints from driving. Well, I imagine the pain stems from consistently working the shin muscle when I switch back and forth between giving my car gas and slamming on the brake. The pain is only occurring in my right leg and because I am practically a physician, I know it must be from driving. I wonder if anyone else in the greater Los Angeles area is having this issue…

In other news, I began thinking about my current situation and how I am applying for serving jobs as a means to fund my passion for the pursuit of a profession in the entertainment industry. Being a server is something I am good at. I’m good at talking to perfect strangers, sharing jokes with them, and smiling and being a generally good natured person. And, I like it.

I also, from what I have been told by the people I have worked with, am good at acting. I can imagine being other people and exploring their lives. And, I like it.

So the question is: Are we good at things because we like them, or merely like things because we possess an affinity for them?

It’s like asking which came first, the chicken or the egg. But think about it in terms of having a career. If we like our job because we are good at it, it seems cheap, easy, and almost lazy that we pursue anything having to do with what we are naturally good at. Right? Doesn’t it seem like you could coast through life on just skill, devoid of all passion and vibrancy? I’m good at being a waiter, but I have no intention of working as one until I retire.

On the other hand, if we could all be good at our jobs or our hobbies because we like them and want to work hard to perfect them, it seems like such a nicer way of spending our time. If I could be the best I can be at acting for instance, I know it would be because I spent every ounce of my passion working at it to make it great.

So you have to ask yourself, whether it be while on the job, working on a hobby, or even spending time with friends, are you doing things because you truly love them, or merely because you know it’s easier than trying something new?


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