My ongoing war with the roadways of Los Angeles came to a head about 5 minutes ago when I paid $55 to the city of Glendale for a parking violation. Woof. I did not move my car during the routine street cleaning. So much for thinking I was getting used to the L.A. lifestyle.

Driving in this town is a small nightmare. Parking is so scarce, you’d have better luck spotting a unicorn galloping down Sunset Boulevard than finding a free meter there. And the meters. I never have change on me. Can you imagine if parking were actually FREE?? But no…

I got so excited to see an open parking spot the other day, I immediately pulled into the vacancy, got out of my car, stoked beyond words, and realized I still had 6 miles to go before I reached my destination. What can I say? I’m impulsive.

The toughest thing about being here so far has been the obscene amounts of free time I’ve had lately. Sounds nice to you? Not so. I don’t want free time. I want to start making my money, being busy so I don’t have to come home to my musty apartment all the time. I want to WORK. Apparently though, so does every other starving actor in the city.

However, so far I have gotten paid for one gig. From my experience, it has been easier to snag acting work than a serving job. Yes, that’s right, my acting career is supporting my dreams to become a waiter. I did a small commercial for a dating website in which I hit on attractive women for money. Not too shabby if I do say so.

I’m still on the hunt for a serving job, but hopefully the not too distant future will grant me one before I become bored to death…or broke. I’ve been on second interviews, through personality tests, just to become a waiter! I guess that’s L.A. for ya…


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