Relationships.  There’s something I never talk about, probably because I haven’t been in one since…well…um…the details inconsequential.  If we didn’t have relationships, and I’m referring to the term on a broad level, not just romantic, where would we be?
While Breezy was here this past week, we saw a film together and there were 2 thought provoking points in the movie that really appealed to me.

 The first, was this: there are no such things as mistakes, just lessons learned.  It is kind of an interesting point – if there are no mistakes in life, and you live your life in such a way, it is almost as if you feel uninhibited and liberated to act and behave exactly the way you want to at a given time.  If it is a “bad” decision, fine.  The worst that can happen is that you learn from it.  And who knows, if there is a decision you have to make and it ends up being the “right” one, you’re golden.  It’s a win-win.  However, with this philosophy, “good” or “bad” do not really apply.  Having the freedom to live your life, grow, and learn is an awesome thing.

 The second point was that when you’re trying to decide what to do in life (which I am sure many of us twentysomethings are facing) or perhaps choosing between 2 romantic interests, for example, you should choose the one that makes you a better person.  Don’t choose the person who “on paper” better suits you, or who you are more physically attracted to, or is the person that every one of your friends and family want you to end up with: be with the person who makes you feel comfortable and makes you like who you are.  

This point of view is one that I am going to adopt and I encourage all of my readers to as well.  Now, I know that if I did something even remotely un-self-satisfying my entire fan base and collective groups of friends would all die of shock, but I think it goes beyond what probably sounds like subtle narcissism.  Looks fade, people change, loved ones grow apart; but if you have inside yourself the feeling that you were the best you could be with a person who inspired you to be that way, that’s love, man.  Even if it does not work out down the road, you still learned something about yourself, so you know, deep down, that the relationship wasn’t a mistake.  It all comes full circle.  So get out there and live, people.


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