This past week was an especially awesome one for me because Breezy, of KyBreeze Productions fame, hopped on a jet plane and came to her visit her other half (me) in Hollywood.  Last Saturday, I scooped her up from The Bob Hope Airport and we skedaddled to our residence for the next few days, a perfectly charming hotel on La Brea Avenue, between Hollywood and Sunset Boulevards.  Location: PERFECTION.

However, I must give kudos to Breeze and her meticulous planning, without which, we would have never found such a great deal on our beach houses in Maldives.  Saturday night brought us sightseeing down Hollywood Blvd and into Cabo Cantina to snag, what else, margaritas.  The drinks were awesome and we caught a movie at The Arclight before retiring back to our abode, ready to begin our week.

Sunday was possibly one of my favorite days.  Our itinerary, also methodically organized, called for a day on the beach in Santa Monica.  I thought we could “pier” it up, lay in the sand, perhaps a frigid ocean dip…you know, live the Cali life.  Although, with Breezy’s arrival also came an icy blast of chilly air, so sunbathing was out.  We strolled around Santa Monica, rode the Ferris Wheel and roller coaster, and did what we always do when the weather is less than ideal, drink.  We scoped out happy hours and found one at an amazing hotel, Lowe’s, right on the water.  We sat at the bar, drinks in hand, peering out onto the Pacific Coast.  I could get used to it.

Then, I thought about my pal Lindsay, also from West Deptford, who had an awesome job at Lilly’s, a French restaurant in Venice.  (Lindsay is an actor too, not to mention a talented writer; for more on her California adventures, click HERE).  Having been wanting to see Linds for a while and being in search of a happy hour, the plan was foolproof.  Breezy and I strolled into Lilly’s and immediately I was excited when I saw Lindsay behind the bar.  It had been a long time, but seeing her is just so easy and fun, it was like I had seen her just the other day.  We chatted and caught up and promised to hang again soon.

Breeze and I retired back to Hollywood and realized we were hungry, and somewhat slightly still sauced, so the effort of going out to dinner seemed way too tiresome.  Instead, we hit the nearest Burger King within walking distance.  I know, I know, ladies, you’re all lining up for a date night with me.  Then we passed out because our wake up call for Monday was at 5am for our next adventure…


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