Anyone who knows me knows that ever since childhood, I have had a crush on Sarah Michelle Gellar.  It all started with that critically acclaimed, fan favorite TV show that paved the way for far less quality teen supernatural romances, (cough Twilight cough) Buffy The Vampire Slayer.  I mean, what’s hotter than a gorgeous girl who can kick some serious ass?  Who’s self reliant and capable?

I have followed Gellar’s career since Buffy ended back in 2003 where she has forayed between big budget thrillers and smaller indie films, truly putting in some fine and underrated performances.  So, you can imagine my excitement when I heard last summer that she would be heading back to TV with her new show Ringer.  I thought it might be the perfect vessel to earn her that long deserved Primetime Emmy for her work on Buffy.  With utter excitement and joy I tuned in to the CW last September, back when I was still in Montauk working on Royal Pains, for the Ringer premiere.

The premiere I thought was actually pretty good and seemed very promising.  However, as Ringer continued, the episodes were pretty lackluster and did not live up to Gellar’s reputation.  The writing was cheesy and her performance seemed rather flat.  I was frustrated.  I knew she could do better.  I gave the show a plethora of second chances and kept tuning in every Tuesday at 9 (a familiar time slot) until it turned into a guilty pleasure I just could not miss.  It was like an ex-girlfriend coming back into your life; you looked forward to it, but afterward you still felt empty inside.

What was interesting though, was the feeling the episodes gave me.  It was like Buffy all over again and somehow, though I was not creatively fulfilled watching, I enjoyed watching her project come to life.  I mean, it was entertaining.  I watched Ringer because of her, not because it was groundbreaking TV.  And the timing of the show was kind of perfect.  I was going through one of the biggest transitions of my life, moving away from home and everything that was familiar to pursue a career that Buffy helped to inspire.  To have Gellar there, if only once a week, gave me some kind of stability, something to look forward to when the rest of my life seemed so chaotic and at times, abysmal.  She was kind of like a good friend that gave me a little pick me up every Tuesday night.

I was not surprised, but I was a little disappointed when I found out Ringer had been cancelled.  Additionally, news has broke that she and Freddie Prinze Jr. are expecting their second baby, so that is exciting too.  I don’t think a pregnant ex-stripper would have been as sexy to watch on TV anyway.

Hopefully though, she will make a return to the entertainment world with something groundbreaking and provocative.  We all know she has it in her.  And since we’re talking luck, hopefully her next project will require a younger leading man?  Or perhaps a cute younger brother?  Eh, Sarah, eh?

Good luck Sarah, and thanks for helping my get through my first year in LA.


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