I got a job!

Are you guys tired of hearing me say that yet?

It is temporary, like most things in my life, but a paycheck nonetheless. I’m working at a free clinic in San Pedro (pronounced pee-dro), which is the port of Los Angeles, for all my east coast readers.

It is standard office work, nothing too snazzy, but I do get my own corner office (no big deal) that I sometimes have to share with the friendly IT guy. Today he brought me a banana and chocolate muffin, so clearly, we’re gonna be buds. For imagination’s sake, I’m just gonna pretend he’s my assistant. It’s more fun that way.

Yesterday was my first day and I was thrilled to be going to a full time, 9-5 for the first time in ages. However, I gotta be real, the euphoria wore off quick. The morning breezed by like a crisp summer wind, easy and light. But after my mandatory 1 hour lunch break when I watched Ringer reruns on my iPad, stuffed dark chocolate down my gullet, and took a 15 minute catnap, the afternoon dragged. For about 45 minutes it was stagnant, more repugnant than a lumberjack’s fart. But after some brief daydreaming I cracked the whip and began to alphabitize files. From then on, I was on a roll. I felt invincible. I literally accomplished more on my first day then I think anyone expected, because when I looked around the room at my other tasks, I feared that there would not be enough work to occupy my month stint here.

Needless to say, I got in the swing of things preeetttty quick.

The office staff is great and I am so thankful to my new friends who scored me the interview. My boss is from Connecticut so when she saw the word “Montauk” on my resume and the fact that I wore Sperry’s to the interview, I was a shoe-in. Pun intended.

I’m just grateful to be working and am sure there will be more than enough entertaining stories to report on; this is MY life after all, and there’s never a dull moment.


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  1. Can’t express to you how excited I am for you.

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