Have you ever wondered how hard it is to keep up with a somewhat daily blog while also working three jobs, trying to maintain a social life, and keep from suffering from exhaustion?  I’ll tell you what; it’s tricky.

 So much has happened since my latest post.  I had my 24th birthday last Monday, the 19th (please take notes for 2013) which was a truly great day.  I FINALLY, after months of searching, a short break, and then another search, landed myself a serving job.  It’s this little Italian and Mediterranean place, called Portobello’s, and it is close to home in Glendale.  The food is great, the people are nice, and I finally have the chance to make some money (hopefully).  I am still tutoring and working at Abercrombie, where tonight at work my friend (who happens to be of Hispanic origin) told me my preppy popped collar, shorter-cut shorts and crew neck sweatshirt made me the “whitest white person alive”.  Naturally, I took it as a compliment.

But work is not the only aspect of my life that has changed.  There has also been a shift on the relationship front.  I know, I know – no one ever thought they would see the day.  However, I can attest to my own happiness and am excited to see where it will go.  Life is all about taking chances and having news experiences, right?  Right.  I basically write all my posts that way.

It is hard to believe that only a few short weeks ago I was stressing out, applying for jobs left and right, scrambling for anything that might offer a leg up – and now look at me.  Before when my copious amounts of free time troubled me into a state of near neurosis, now I can barely keep up with myself.  It really is mind blowing how quickly your life can change…

Just this morning it felt like I was living in a dream, an alternate reality, where I was merely watching someone else’s life unfold rather than actually living my own.  It’s like I could step out of my own skin and watch my life as if it were a movie.  Everything about where I am right now seems surreal.  I am quite literally “going with the flow”, “flying by the seat of my pants”, taking everything in strides and trying to suck up the experiences instead of over-analyzing them.  Deep down I know it’s the best way to live.  I just cannot wait to see what the future holds.

What do you think?  Have you ever experienced your life change drastically seemingly overnight?  Leave comments.  I want to hear from everyone!


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