You’ll never believe my good fortune. Work at the clinic was supposed to end at the beginning of this month, but was extended until tomorrow.  I was beyond stoked.  God knows I needed the paycheck.  I’ve been doing solid work for them and it was a nice early Christmas present to stay a few extra weeks.

But it’s not just work at the clinic that is taking off.  I just did an exclusive interview with a famous club promoter in LA which will be on a new website launching early next year, I am in talks to write a feature for my alma mater, DeSales’ quarterly magazine, and I received news on the novel I am ghostwriting, which will now hopefully be completed in the next 6ish weeks.

I’m pretty pumped.  Things seem to be on an incline for the first time in a while.  And I’ll be headed to the dirty Jerz for a week to visit family on Wednesday.  But not before my writer’s group has a little shindig of their own in Santa Monica tomorrow evening to celebrate all the solid work everyone has put in this past year.

For once, I’m kind of feeling some writer’s block and don’t really know what else to say…
More to come, I promise.


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