First off, Happy New Year. I hope all of you are suffering through the overcrowded gyms like me as newly-resolute folks try and keep up their “2014” promises to themselves…until March when they just get bored and say fuck it.

I had an awesome time back East, saw fam and friends, and even threw my first adult dinner party. It didn’t stay adult for long though as my friends and I regressed to champagne binge drinking and pulling stupid pranks on each other just like our old college days.

BUT TODAY I got my first chunk of good 2014 news when I found out that I had accumulated enough clicks for my blog to make some dough. A whopping $11.49 to be exact. You might think I’m being sarcastic, but I was literally stoked beyond measure when I found this out. Even now I can’t stop smiling. It just proved to me that when you put work into something & take it seriously you get rewarded, and even though the rewards might not be extravagant at first, they’re personally satisfying which is (almost) as nice as money.

In all seriousness, I’m very happy. It’s given me hope for the future that my writing will blossom into something bigger one day. (Like BOOKS!)

So thank you all, truly, for reading all this and supporting me, my crazy dreams, and my writing. I appreciate it. Let’s all have a killer 2014.


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