Let’s talk about anxiety for a second. Today, the Board of Directors of the Arthritis National Research Foundation watched, for the first time, an episode I hosted of Arthritis Now, the new talk show for the foundation. Yours truly is the host, which obviously is awesome, but when my superiors are watching me interview it’s like whoaaaa stress.


Basically the show is a two-man operation; me and Derek. When we’re filming it’s like I’m doing the show just for Derek because he’s the only person in the room with me when I conduct my interviews. So when someone else watches…it’s kinda like that feeling when someone walks in on you dancing like a SUPA-FREAK to your favorite techno song – your dancing is good because you’re totally uninhibited and having fun, but the second someone sees you, your just like…”uh, hi. I was just…uh…cleaning…” You immediately second guess yourself and think you look like a spaz.

Here’s hoping they don’t think I’m a spaz. I did spout off a few more “umms” than I like, but hey, it was only the second episode, so there’s room to improve. Take a looksee below:

I’ll find out tomorrow what they thought.

Move over, Seacrest.


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