If you didn’t know, I’m something of a chef. At least I like to think so. My Dad is always cooking up something innovating and awesome and my Mom is an expert baker who’s always making some kind of treat. Needless to say, I inherited the gene.

Eggs are my specialty, and I don’t even really like breakfast. But I gotta build up this blog, so I’m gonna share some recipes and new stuff I’ve whipped up.

Fried Chicken and Collard Greens:

Okay, so it’s not Church’s (or collard greens for that matter), but it’s freakin’ GOOD. I had this piece of stale wheat sandwich bread chilling on top of my fridge, so I got resourceful, smashed it up into tiny bits, and used that as my bread crumbs. I know, GENIUS, right? Save your applause. Fries were in the oven, sprinkled with fresh cracked pepper and seasoning salt. Meanwhile, on the stove, I drizzled some Extra Virgin Olive Oil on some frozen spinach over low heat to thaw it out.

I fried the chicken after pounding it thin and voila, instant dinner. Bobby Flay ain’t got nothin’ on me.

Grilled Chicken and Apple Salad:

This is for when you’re feeling healthy. Pound a boneless, skinless chicken breast thin, then put it in a pan with Italian dressing. Use the dressing as the marinade, which will make it supremely moist, and cook it through until golden brown on both sides.

I used fresh mixed greens as the base and added in sliced cucumbers and apples. I drizzled a little remaining Italian dressing over it, just lightly, then added the warm chicken right on top. Use olive oil and balsamic instead of the extra dressing for a healthier option…? Right? I don’t know. I’m no health nut, but I do know when something is delicious.



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