OH EM GEE, you guys. Send help. We’re currently still suffering from going into Chocolate Cardiac Arrest.

This past Sunday kicked off the Annual Indulge LA Chocolate Festival, which was *choc* full of some of the most satisfying chocolatey treats and wine selections at the Omni Hotel in Downtown LA. The theme for the event was Alice in Wonderland – and what could possibly be more wonderful than a land in which chocolate and wine are the main sources of sustenance? Talk about antioxidants!

The festival brought together different vendors who concocted an array of sweet treats for everyone to try. From flavored baklava to chocolate truffles, chocolate meatballs to cannolis, the whole ordeal was as sweet as you could possibly imagine. AND, the best part, was that there was chocolate available for the true connoisseur – dark, white, milk, and beyond – chocolate that was bitter, sweet, and confections that were just plain out there (read again, chocolate meatballs).

Wine pairings, both of the red and white varietal, made for a lovely combination as well, and for those who needed a savory break away from the insane sweet toothery, tacos and ceviche were served as a welcomed alternative to going into choco-septic shock.

Check out the awesome treats below, including some of the prettiest flavored chocolates, inspired by jewelry, we’ve ever seen. The best jewelry is the kind you can eat, right?

Okay, now back to cleanse-mode for 2017. GO!


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